Over 60 Years of Traditional Instruction, Pride and a Family Atmosphere.

Fall 7 Times, Get Up 8

In Judo, one of the most important lessons you can learn is how to fall. With disregard to how hard you may fall, the family within these walls will teach and support you in learning how to pick yourself up.


Long Beach Judo Dojo was established in 1950 by Masaaki Nakaoka until his retirement in 1987. The dojo is now under the instruction of Craig Takeshita (6th Dan).


Being a part of the Long Beach Japanese Community Center, we are well situated to be a prominent figure in the growth of our community and sustain the joy learning with great family & friends.

Life Preparation

Our dojo has brought a plethora of life strengthening skills to our students. We pride ourselves to not only teach the judo methodology, but to also build confidence and respect.

Over 60 Years of Dedicated Training.

“We are one of the few dojos recognized as teaching with the same instruction and conviction as Judo’s birthplace: Japan”

A non-profit organization who’s instructors are aspiring to passing on the knowledge of Judo to its members, without ever receiving any compensation themselves.

Strengthening the Mind & Body using the Gentle Way

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Join us as we have maintained traditional standards in hopes to preserve the respect and values taugh to us.

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